First Spotlight: Cedar Hills, Utah

Ever wanted to know what happened long ago, in your backyard or neighborhood? What did it look like before you lived here? Before there were homes? Before there were people and farms? Well, you’re in the right place!

We hope to have local histories from all over someday. But we had to start somewhere, and why not our own backyard? So, our first spotlight is on Cedar Hills, Utah.

We lived here too

In our book about Cedar Hills, you can find out about…

—Indian arrowheads, trails, and battle sites
—Bone Hollow, where pioneers and others left their dead animals
—where people hid their hard liquor during the Prohibition
—the flooding in the 1930s
—what kids did for fun in our hills
—the Adams Turkey Ranch and their gift to President Eisenhower
—the old rodeo grounds used for 20 years
—the irrigation ditch that is over 150 years old that still runs through town
—the original entrance to Cedar Hills
—old gravel pits that were used as motorcycle tracks by local teenagers
—the dog catcher that was a …dog!
—the homemade park on Sage Road
—the debate that caused the strange city boundaries

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